About Xylem Company

Our combined experience and expertise with medical grade materials, commitment to quality, professional approach to communications, and access to a wide network of sourcing solutions allow Xylem Company to provide unique options for the following products:
• Mandrels • Rod & Bar for Machining Applications • Medical-Grade Strip, Sheet and Plate • Formed Wire Components • Fabricated Tubular Components • Pins, Stylets and Needles • Biopsy and Radiographic Markers


Xylem is a botanical term describing a part of the vascular network in plants which delivers water and minerals from the root structure to the leaves. This network is multi-functional, providing nutrients for new growth, as well as structural support for existing and mature plant tissue. In this capacity, the activities of Xylem Company represent those of Xylem tissue. We provide basic raw materials and structural support throughout the network of the medical device industry.

Xylem Company serves the following industries

• Medical Device Industry
• Metals Manufacturing and Distribution
• Aerospace
• Electronics
• Petroleum
• Jewelry
• Academic Research and Development